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Regardless of position or profession, everyone deals with people; this workshop will help you become even more effective in that area.
WHEN: Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 1:00 - 4:00
WHERE: Stevens-Henager College, Nampa Campus 16819 N. Market Place Blvd., Nampa
FEE: (pays for workshop and book)
Online or pre-registration: $15.00 - (below), or by check mailed to: Roy Rummler, Applied Focus, 16160 N. Glacier Peak Drive, Nampa, ID 83651
Registration at the workshop - $20.00
(Credit card receipt may say "Copypack Music.")
Questions: email:, or phone: 208 249-1280



Organizations are like people in that although many of their needs are the same, the degree and specific facets will vary. Thus, at Applied Focus, we believe in a prescriptive approach. Our objective is to focus on you, your people and your organization’s specific needs. That often means starting from a general topic and then moving into applications aligned with your needs.

We are not accountants. And although we have the ability to deal with the business part of your operation such as analyzing budgets, cash flow, sales, and market share, our focus is on your most expandable and potentially greatest asset–people. We know that they are the key to the most successful enterprises. Conversely, they are also the component that can cause the most significant losses and expense.

We offer the following:
One to two hour presentations These can be very useful especially in stimulating dialogue or at the beginning of a new season, or preceding significant change.
Half-day, full-day or multi-day presentation/work sessions These will not only facilitates a focus, but will connect it to your specific operation or needs. This approach takes the concepts from the presentation stage–something to think about, to the application stage–something to do about it.
Personal assistance and facilitation This provides an opportunity for us to work with you in reviewing your organization in determining the most critical needs, designing the best approaches, providing personal training with specific individuals and/or groups, and reviewing and evaluating affect.

The following are some areas we recommend and have available. However, these are just suggestions; we can adjust, modify or provide additional topics. Let us know what you need.

Keys to Maximizing People

People are the most important ingredient in your success. This topic assists you in looking at your organization and the way it deals with people. It provides unusual insight and practical application that will result in improved success.

Communicating Effectively–Not Just Communicating

Effective communication is different from just communication. Effective communication is a continual challenge. This presentation will take you down communication roads you did not know were there. It will help you avoid pitfalls and assist in the establishment of practices and procedures that will maximize your communication benefits.


Greater Impact Leadership

Leadership is an opportunity to make a positive difference. Yet it also carries a people-distancing heritage. Greater Impact Leadership provides keys and practices that will increase the positive impact of leaders and the total success of organizations with which they work.

Preventing and Solving People Problems in Your Organization

Going into private practice or opening a business may be the aspiration. To make sure that dream doesn't turn into a nightmare, you need to understand some principles, methods and have materials particularly focused to enable smooth people utilization. For those already experiencing problems with people in their enterprise–partners, workers, even family, we can assist. This area is especially helpful to new and/or small businesses, and to those anticipating starting a business.

Hiring The Best

The best way to have the optimally effective staff is to hire them. Yet hiring practices in many organizations, while significantly time-consuming and involved, do not result in the highest percentage of productive workers. Hiring The Best provides practices and processes that will minimize the guess work and time required, yet maximize the percentage of hiring employees who will succeed. It will also assist in keeping you out of personnel related legal issues.


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