The Basics


The basis from which we work is that people are your most critical component regardless of the enterprise.  Regardless of the business or organization, if you maximize the people, you maximize success.  (See the book, "The Wrong Bottom Line and How to Change It.")

Applied Focus is based on a rigid belief that three elements hold the keys to the success of any organization.

First, focus, a careful examination is required to determine where we are and precisely what we are about. It also assures that we spend our time, efforts and resources on the important issues. 

Second, application, while focus is critical, merely focusing does not bring about results; something must be done.

Third, people, regardless of all of the great plans and applications, the most important component in success are the human beings involved. 

Our services range from merely reviewing your situation and sharing our observations, to presenting workshops and working with individuals and/or teams.  We also can become closely involved and design specific, prescriptive, step‑by‑step implementation on site and do follow-up reviews and training. We are willing to assist at any level.  We have significant experience in solving the problems of organizations in turmoil, and in bringing about positive atmosphere and improved production.
We bring a flexible team of the director, Roy who has led a range of organizations from small businesses to those with hundreds of workers, and is most noted for his ability to turn staff disharmony and mediocrity into productive teamwork.  Glenn who has years of experience in design and brand development in major retail organizations. Grant who has served in different levels of management in a number of national companies, and who also is fluent in Spanish. Dave who is an international specialist with contacts in China and fluency in speaking, interpreting, writing and reading Chinese. Russell who has experience in the leadership and application of developing video training and software. Matt who is advisor on computer technology and configuration. Mark who is a computer graphics designer and developer. 
Costs and specifics are negotiated with the client and are dependent upon the size of the organization, project, timeline, and other factors. We are particularly sensitive to small organization in early-stage development with limited funds.  One of our goals is to help solve problems before they happen, before they result in ineffectiveness and turmoil.