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All organizations have a purpose and a goal.  These may be succinctly stated or obscure, but they are there.  Born with its creation, each organization carries an expectation of achievement. 

All organizations have a number of components.  Each has some degree of affect.  Paramount among those affecting success are people; they are the most important component for success.  

We observe a continual manifestation of dissatisfaction within organizations and in the workplace by people. We observe it when we shop.  We hear it from friends and relatives.  We witness it in businesses, industry, professional offices, and schools. We see it on the news.  It is even volunteered to us by strangers.  We do not seek it, yet we see it all around.     

We question why it is so pervasive and why many leaders, managers, and supervisors accept this unpleasant, unhealthy, unproductive and costly condition.

We believe they do not realize how easy and painless the remedy, and how much it would increase the effectiveness of the organization and the pleasantness of their daily lives.

Our quest is to help leaders and supervisors:  (1) recognize the reality of their situation, (2) realize the potential in improving this specific facet, and (3) learn simple and effective processes that will result in greater success.