Volume I

Volume I of Grin Tails* (*”tails” are for happy agging; “tales” are merely stories) began a series that adults and children will enjoy. “Grin,” is also spelled appropriately, and should not be confused with some rather morbid stories brought to light by some individuals whose names come kind of close to grin. Grin Tails may not be a laugh-out-loud book, but it should elicit a few grins. The books are listed as “ages 6 to 106" because the humor spans a large spectrum – some, kids will enjoy, and some, adults will enjoy.

Volume I contains Ginger Ella, The Three Little Chickens, Goldie-Lock and the Three Pairs, Fuzzy Fur Bear and the Three Pigs, and Big Red Riding Hood.

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Volume II

With its mix of humor, Volume II follows the tradition of volume I of Grin Tails. This book includes: Zack and the Zucchini, Hamsome and Gabby, A Vertically Challenged, Mature Woman Named Shoe, Who Lived With a Number of Small Humans in a Modest Dwelling, and The Misperceived Waterfowl.

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Wrong Bottom Line Still


By Roy L. Rummler, EdD

This book revisits the concerns voiced in the previous book: The Wrong Bottom Line, and brings them up to date. It deals with the major philosophical flaws that precipitated the economic collapse, and that are prime factors in business failures, particularly small business startups. It also addresses the factors that affect the success of organizations, and breaks them into three main topics – Focus Process, People. The book provides sound philosophical pathways, examples, and procedures to assist in developing success. It offers actual exercises that are appropriate for the workplace and/or training. The Wrong Bottom Line Still: Critical Components is an excellent resource for students as well as current practitioners.

“Roy’s thesis – the greatest progress happens, only happens, when the people in the organization are viewed and treated as important and essential, and that the degree of success correlates directly to the degree of attention to that philosophy – is critical in understanding how people are motivated to work hard and well with each other… I strongly recommend this book for managers, leaders, and individuals who want to become managers or leaders.”
Dr. Gundars Kaupins
Management Department Chairman
Boise state University

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By Roy L. Rummler, EdD

“Throughout the book, I’m reminded again how good your examples are. They illustrate the points exactly.
- Dr. Foster Cline, Love & Logic

The Wrong Bottom Line and How To Change It is a book for anyone who wants to be more effective in dealing with people–children to adults. Parents, teachers, and especially leaders will find it valuable.

The undergirding of this new book is that people are the key to success regardless of the circumstances, association, organization or business. While this is not a new concept and has been talked and written about, observations and reviews find little change. The Wrong Bottom Line is dedicated to making change happen.

In addition to reviewing a number of critical elements required in successfully working with and leading people, The Wrong Bottom Line provides uncomplicated activities that can be done by anyone, and that will make dramatic improvement in the attitudes and success of people.

This is not a book about relaxing and guessing. The title clues the reader. The Wrong Bottom Line and How to Change It is full of actual experiences and solutions to real needs. After all, the objective of learning should be change. Using the exercises in the book will bring about positive change that will make families, groups and organizations flow smoother and more effectively and be more productive, while making a more positive and pleasant atmosphere in which to function. The Wrong Bottom Line not only provides understanding of the why, but also a step by step of the how. This book covers skills and qualities that actually bring about positive change. Dr. Rummler uses examples and provides exercises that have proven to work regardless of numbers, size or location–the family or small groups, to organizations of hundreds.

Instead of going to expensive workshops and purchasing costly services, spend a few minutes with this book and in doing what is recommended. Not only will you save money, you will build yourself and others.

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Unfortunately, each day brings us closer to our last day in this life. That can’t be changed. What we do with those days, can. This book encourages everyone to take advantage of the days they have – to “quit rocking, and start rolling.”

This little book is an excellent gift for retirees. It enthusiastically provides stimulation and ideas to keep them – and everyone – living the fullest life. I’ll Lie Down When I’m Dead is purposely long enough to get the message across and provide some suggestions, and short enough that it can be read in an afternoon or evening.


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There are two experiences that happened to each and every person. It does not matter your society, wealth, ethnicity, sex, religion, or politics. Everyone is born and everyone dies. Birth is a matter of record we do not remember. Death, however, is something that is always marching toward us. It is inescapable. The fact stares us in the face: everyone dies. In this story, we travel along with Harold as he addresses the same questions, fears and concerns that we all have. We then actually go with him through death and into what lies ahead – an exciting and enlightening experience.

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