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By Roy L. Rummler, EdD

“Throughout the book, I’m reminded again how good your examples are. They illustrate the points exactly.
- Dr. Foster Cline, Love & Logic

The Wrong Bottom Line and How To Change It is a book for anyone who wants to be more effective in dealing with people at every level and in every organization and situation.

The undergirding of this new book is that people, not profits, are the key to success regardless of the business or organization. Further, The Wrong Bottom Line provides a conceptual basis for developing this important asset—people, be they employees or family. Dr. Rummler adds, “if the people concerns are addressed, the success and profit line will also improve.” While this is not a new concept, a review of the majority of organizations finds little application. The Wrong Bottom Line and How to Change It is dedicated to making change happen.

In addition to reviewing critical elements required in successfully working with and leading people, The Wrong Bottom Line provides uncomplicated activities that can be done by anyone, and that will make dramatic improvement in the attitude, success and production of the people in any organization.

According to Dr. Foster Cline, author and cofounder of The Love and Logic Institute: “. . .the Change Activities are not only doable, but intriguing. I’m sure that business consultants and readers will both find them useful.”

The Wrong Bottom Line and How to Change it is full of actual experiences and solutions to real needs. According to Dr. Cline: “Throughout the book, I’m reminded again how good your examples are. They illustrate the points exactly.” Major retail conglomerate Manager of Operations, Stacey Trivelpiece adds: “The Wrong Bottom Line assists in some critically important facets of success that every current or aspiring leader should review. My favorite is trust–a factor that has made the difference in my success.” Julie Yamamoto, Principal of Thomas Jefferson Charter School notes: "The Bottom Line delivers helpful, specific activities that get to the heart of an organization, the people, in ways that build community and provides insight to help us all be effective in whatever we do.” And Heidi Bateman, Mortgage Professional simply says: “The book is awesome!”

The objective of learning should be change. Using the exercises in the book will bring about positive change that will make the organization flow smoother and more effectively and be more productive, while making a more positive and pleasant atmosphere in which to work. The Wrong Bottom Line not only provides understanding of the why, but also a step by step of the how. This book covers skills and qualities that actually bring about positive change. Dr. Rummler explains, uses examples and provides exercises that have proven to work regardless of size or location: small groups to organizations of hundreds.

The author grew up in a small family business. Throughout his career he had the opportunity to work on the bottom rung, as it were, as well as to manage and lead multi-million dollar organizations with hundreds of employees. Roy Rummler’s formal education, degrees and certifications are from a variety of universities and institutions. Dr. Rummler is noted for accepting the leadership role in organizations in turmoil, and in bringing about positive atmosphere and improved production.

Instead of going to expensive workshops and purchasing costly services, spend a few minutes with this book and in doing what is recommended; not only will you save, you will make money. More importantly, you will build a people base that will last.

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